Weather Vigilance

Though this site is not designed to be a primary source regarding the weather, we take this opportunity to remind readers to monitor primary weather data sources. The current precipitation forecast from NOAA appears to indicate significant precipitation over the next 36 hours.

Town Board announces meeting schedule for 2021

At the December 1, 2020 Town Board meeting the Town of Franklin Town Board announced the following schedule for Town Board meetings in 2021:

Tuesday January 5 6:00 PM Franklin

Tuesday February 2 6:00 PM Franklin

Tuesday March 2 6:00 PM Treadwell

Tuesday April 6 7:30 PM Franklin

Tuesday May 4 7:30 PM Franklin

Tuesday June 1 7:30 PM Treadwell

Tuesday July 6 7:30 PM Franklin

Tuesday August 3 7:30 PM Franklin

Tuesday September 7 7:30PM Treadwell

Tuesday Oct 5 7:30 PM Franklin

Wednesday Nov 3 6:00 PM Franklin

Tuesday December 7 6:00 PM Treadwell