Tax Maps

Tax maps are maps prepared by combining deed descriptions, filed surveys and aerial photographs. Each map listed below is called a ‘section’. When viewing the map, the section number is in the lower right corner of each map sheet.

Assessment roll parcels are identified by tax map number, commonly referred to as SBL. The acronym SBL stands for section-block-lot, of which the section is the map number.


Index map for Village of Franklin

076.020 North boundary of Village

097.008 North of Water St (includes N side of Water)

097.012 South of Water St (includes S side of Water)


Index map for Town of Franklin

030.000 Top of Franklin Mountain

031.000 Intersection of Grange Hall & Gay Brook Rds

042.000 Chamberlain Hill Rd at Delaware/Otsego County line

043.000 Wescott, Rich Rds & Franklin Mountain

044.000 Grange Hall, Gay Brook, Swart Hollow, Frank Slawso

058.000 Top of Otego Mountain, End of Stewart Rd & Chamberlain Rd

059.000 NYS Hwy 357 (between Chamberlain & North Franklin), parts of Blue School & Case Hill Rds

060.000 Parts of Case Hill Rd & NYS Hwy 28 S, Jackson Hill Rd (Upper)

076.000 Parts of

077.000 Leonta corner, parts of East Handsome Brook and Post Rds

078.000 parts of Blue School and Pomeroy Rds

079.000 lower Jackson Hill and Case Hill Rds

097.000 Bookout, Gibson, Wally and parts of Christian Hill, Franklin Heights and Round Top Rds

097.016 parts of Franklin Heights and Round Top Rds and Main St S of Village

098.000 Oak Hill Rd part of East Handsome Brook Rd

099.000 County Highway 14, part of Carey and Tupper Hill Rds

100.000 County Highway 16 and Sweet Pea Drive, part of Tupper Hill Rd

100.001 Hamlet of Treadwell

120.000 County Highway 21, Hodge and Sherman Hill Rds, part of Merrickville and upper Sanley Rds

121.000 parts of Bennet Hollow Rd, County Highway 21, Finch, Heathen Hill and Leland Hull Rds

122.000 Campbell Estates, parts of East Handsome Brook, Leland Hull and Tupper Hill Rds

123.000 Ceresna, Douglas Hall and West Plattner Brook Rds

124.000 Dougherty Fleming and County Highway 16 to Delhi town line

143.000 Franklin Depot, Merrickville, lower Sanley and part of Ed Klug Rd

144.000 parts of County Highway 21, Bennet Hollow, Heathen Hill and Mackey Rds

145.000 parts of East Handsome Brook, Mackey and Snake Hill Rds

146.000 East Brook and Ridge Rds, parts of East Handsome Brook and Snake Hill Rds

165.000 Beebe, Bowers and Russell Rds

166.000 D’gostino, Freer Hollow and Palmer Hill and parts of Ed Klug and County Highway 21 to Walton town line

167.000 Dunk Hill Rd