STaR Resources

February 10, 2021

The best way to keep up with the ever-changing STaR Exemption program is to check the resources provided by the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance. Their main STaR Resources can be found here.

Beginning in 2016, no new STaR exemptions were available throughout New York State. The Dept. of Tax & Finance is transitioning to the STaR Credit program. Anyone receiving the STaR exemption may choose to voluntarily switch to the Credit program. DTF maintains a specific page with their opinions on why you might decide to switch.

The Assessor can not give you legal advice. Any tools found on this website are provided to help you be better informed so that you can make the best decision for your individual circumstances regarding whether to voluntarily switch to the STaR Credit. Though I have requested STaR Credit versus Exemption amounts from the Dept. of Tax and Finance, they have as of this writing refused to provide the amount of the Credit checks. The Dept. has indicated to me

‘Best we can say is that more than 75% of Enhanced STAR recipients and roughly half of Basic STAR recipients receive a larger benefit if they’re receiving the STAR credit.’

I have compiled below the two most recent year’s maximum exemption savings by School District:

Maximum STaR Benefit for September School Tax bill (Town of Franklin)
 STaR ExemptionSTaR CreditSTaR ExemptionSTaR Credit
School DistrictBasicEnhancedBasicEnhancedBasicEnhancedBasicEnhanced
Delhi$405$812  $405$812  
Franklin$421$827  $421$827  
Otego-Unadilla**see note**  **see note**  
Sidney$472$965  $472$965  
Walton$357$776  $357$776  
Note: There were no STaR exemptions in Unatego School District on the 2015 Town of Franklin assessment roll. Thus, this exemption is no longer available. The STaR Credit would be the only option here for a primary resident.
Also Note: The STaR Credit cannot be less than the Exemption, though it may increase by up to 2% annually. Because the State has yet to provide the STaR credit maximums for either year, the above data will not tell you definitively which benefit would have been greater in either year.

For specific questions you may have regarding the STaR program, please contact the Assessor’s Office