Town Board meeting, Tuesday May 5, 2020 7:30 PM

This Franklin Town Board meeting will be conducted by remote conference. This is in compliance with NYS Governor Cuomo Executive Order 202.15 . Anyone wishing to observe the meeting can enter Zoom Meeting ID: 82477404285

If you have not used Zoom previously, you may wish to give it a test drive in advance of the meeting. Depending on your device and/or OS, there may be a download required.

The Town of Franklin takes no responsibility for your decision to use third party software, such as Zoom.

When you enter the meeting, you will automatically be placed into a waiting room. Before the start of the Town Board meeting the host will usher you in. Please note that your audio and video will be automatically muted upon entry. There is provision for a ‘Raise Hand’ feature, which you may choose to take advantage of if you have a comment or question. It is the Town Board members discretion when public comment is entertained. Similar to in-person meetings, this meeting is open to the public, which may include attendees of all ages.

Please also note that the Zoom Meeting may be accessed by telephone call. For more information on this feature, or to obtain the meeting password, please contact